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For us, fitness is about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of. 

See what makes The Coop different

Workout Modifications

All of our workouts can be scaled to your ability level and are customized to meet your goals. Our small class sizes allow for customized programming and a one on one coaching experience. 

Kids Area

We have a small designated area for your kiddo to hang out while you workout. We love having your little ones as part of our community.


Thursday classes are completely devoted to mobility and stretching. Whether you need to work out the soreness of the last workout and stretch it out from the desk job, we have you covered. 

We would love to show you around!

Our Commitment to Clean

Our commitment to clean is constant. With spray bottles & rags throughout the gym with green, non-toxic cleaning supplies and weekly deep cleanings. We always put cleanliness as a priority.  

Community & Care

Our people are our life-force — you’ll find motivating and inspiring friendships to keep you accountable.

Free Online Fitness Tracker

Use our Wodify app to log your progress, record your workouts and connect with other members online, all from your phone. 

We would love to show you around!

Love the Environment

All of our cleaning products are green and environmentally friendly with no toxins. We pride ourselves in the little things like reusable rags and a hand dryer in the bathroom to cut down on waste. We also recycle.

Quality Equipment

We have a variety of equipment for all levels to use. This includes Assault Bikes, Concept Rowers and an Air Runner for cardio, a variety of barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells and wallballs.

Open Gym Access

Thanks to Open Path you can come into the gym on your own schedule. Can’t make class today? Come in at a time convenient for you with our app-based entry system.