Jordan Odle

Coach/Coop Chiropractor
Jordan Odle


Dr. Jordan has been in athletics all her life and began CrossFit in 2014.  She competed in the sport of CrossFit for about 5 years, in which she earned a spot on the NorCal Crossfit Regional Team in 2017.  For 2.5 years she competed in Olympic Lifting, qualifying for the American Open and receiving professional Olympic lifting training to hone in on her skills.  With her love of health and athletics in mind she decided to finish up her Bachelors in Biology and pursue becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. From chiropractic school to present she has had an additional 450 hours of Neuroscience studies, with emphasis in sports performance, as well as 450 hours of extra Nutrition/Functional Medicine studies. She began her practice, Transcend Wellness Chiropractic, in the Scottsdale area in September 2020 with a focus on treating CrossFitters and Professional Baseball Players.  Dr. Jordan’s practice is very unique in that she examines and addresses all patients as a whole, delving into their Physical, Chemical, and Emotional/Spiritual needs. Overall, Dr. Jordan is here to help the amazing members of The Coop Crossfit achieve their health and fitness goals!

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