Diego Contreras

Diego Contreras


Diego previously coached and helped run a gym in his hometown of Yuma, AZ called Crossfit Hidden Valley, now Hidden Valley strength and conditioning. During that time, he received his USAW L1 (United State of America Weightlifting Level 1), CrossFit Level 1, coached CrossFit group sessions and weightlifting. As an athlete he worked under the Opex and Brute training systems for 4 years developing to compete in the sport of CrossFit. This led to what would have been a competition season of the Madrid Crossfit Championship, Lowland Crossfit Championship, Canada East and West championships, and West Coast Classic (2020) and potential games on a team. When competition subsided, he transitioned back into school where he is currently studying towards a degree in engineering. When school or working out is not on the agenda, he spends his time hanging out on a golf course trying to work towards breaking a score of 85.

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